Compare, Shop, Earn Rewards

When moving to a new home you may want to look into getting the best Dallas electricity provider you can. Shopping around for energy providers and comparing their electricity rates will help you find cheap electricity plans that suit your budget and needs. Some providers offer rewards and incentives for choosing plans with them, giving you the power to choose a plan that really benefits you.

In addition to incentives, you will want to look for price protection. When choosing a plan, a fixed rate plan will lock in your retail energy provider’s rate for anywhere between 3 and 36 months, but price protection can keep that locked rate from adjusting for anything except law and regulatory changes. Without the protection, the utility or power generation facility can affect the rate based on their needs. There are also plans that offer cash back rewards. As a loyal customer, you can typically get about 3% cash back on your annual bill.

Be sure to look at the various plans available for the best Dallas electric prices. If you need flexibility, go with a variable rate plans. These plans are month to month, but your rate can go up or down each month. We these plans, there is no cancellation fee, so if you decide to switch providers or your electricity needs are temporary, this plan can be most appealing. There are also green energy plans available. Several Dallas electricity companies offer green plans, and the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) will tell you exactly how much of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources like wind.

Finally, enrolling in paperless or autopay plans can get you a discounted electricity rate. By reducing the paper being sent out for bills and notifications, you are doing the environment a favor, and in return you get cheaper electricity. Shop Dallas can help you choose the retail energy provider that best fits your Texas energy needs.