Why LED Lights are Fantastic ?

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular. They are incredibly versatile, last 50-100 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, use 80-90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and of course, beautifully light your home or office. Over the years, their use has become much more widespread and their cost has continually dropped. You can find them in refrigerated sections of major box stores, turning on as you start walking down the aisle, they line display cases in jewelry stores, and many homeowners are finding them to be excellent alternatives to incandescent and CFL lighting.

Using LED bulbs in recessed lighting fixtures or hard to access locations is much less of a hassle than using incandescent lights, especially. With bulbs that last anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 hours (as opposed to a mere 1200 hours), you almost never have to replace these bulbs. Typically, as LEDs reach the end of their life, instead of just going out with a pop, their light dims to about 80% of its usual brightness and continues down from there. This means that even when they’re almost dead, you won’t suddenly lose all of the light from them. LEDs also save a lot of energy over the older bulbs. A 60 watt equivalent bulb uses about 11-12 watts, and they are typically even brighter than their equivalent bulb. And, unlike CFLs, LED bulbs do not contain mercury. CFLs disposed of in the trash that end up at a landfill could shatter, leaking the mercury into the soil.

LEDs are very durable. They easily stand cold and hot climates without losing much of their edge. CFLs can sometimes take a while to “warm up” and reach their maximum glow; LEDs are at full brightness as soon as you flip the switch. Even if dropped, so long as the dome doesn’t shatter, LED bulbs will continue to function, as they have no fragile filaments. Their life is also not shortened by constant turning on and turning off of the light.

Because of the versatility of LEDs, they can be used for a wide range of lighting applications. They are available in several different color temperatures, providing a soft, warm light for living rooms, and intense white lights for kitchens or outdoor applications. They can also be purchased in strips or bulbs with different color options, to help set a particular mood. All of these features give you the power to choose the right lighting for your home. Combined with cheap electricity rates in Dallas, LED bulbs can help brighten your home while lowering your energy costs.