What to know when electricity shopping

There are two points on which every customer should judge an electricity provider: cost and reputation. Before deregulation, there was only one provider for electricity and you paid whatever they wanted you to pay. It didn’t matter how they treated you because there was nowhere else to go. Now, you can actually choose your own electricity provider and subsequently the rate you pay.

What to know when electricity shopping

Some companies out there may offer a great low rate but terrible customer service. Some offer great customer service but high rates. When you find that unicorn company that offers both, you have a winner. It’s best to switch providers just about every year because market conditions constantly fluctuate and what was a good deal last year may not be so good this year. Each year, just before your contract renews, start researching new electricity providers. Look for both low cost plans and customer reviews of the provider. We can help you by comparing several companies at once.


You’ll also definitely want to refer to each promising plan’s EFL because this document will give you all the details about the plan including a pricing breakdown, electricity content, and whether the plan is fixed (locked in rate for a contract length) or variable (rate changes every month based on market conditions, but no contract). Don’t feel like you have to go with a big name company because you heard their actual electrical service is more reliable. Electricity is the same, no matter who is selling it. Your local utility is the one that ensures electric stability, not the provider. So if you find a plan that has a wonderfully low rate and good customer reviews, go for it!

Go the Extra Mile and Lower Energy Costs

So if you have an electricity rate that meets your homes need, but still want to lower your bill even more, then listen up! Go to the extra mile with some simple steps to lower your electric bill and save energy at the same time.

Go the Extra Mile and Lower Energy Costs1. Switch your light bulbs in your home/office:

What to look for:

LED Bulbs
CFL Bulbs


2.Check your thermostat:

What to look for:

    • Set your thermostat as comfortable possible to about 73-75 degrees.
    • If you have an auto setting, or eco-mode on your thermostat, then make use of it, if you are not already.

3. Check windows/bottom of doors for air leaks:

What to look for:

    • Check corners of windows for air leaks.
    • Check bottom of doors for air leaks.
    • Go to the hardware store and purchase weather stripping caulking glue.

4. Unplug gadgets if you are not using:

What to look for:

    • Lamps, Toasters, Miscellaneous items that are not in use
    • Use a power strip to manage all cords in one place, and power it off when you leave the room.

5. Clean out filters:

What to look for:

  • Replace/Clean Air Filters in AC units
  • Replace/Clean Air Filters in Dryers

By using these Energy Efficient tips you can save a couple of extra bucks in your monthly energy costs.

Saving energy on your Family Vacation

Looking to go on a road trip with the family this summer? Today we will discuss how to save money and being energy efficient while on the road. The AC in your car is the number one source to reducing your fuel economy during your trip, so you want to make sure you are using it properly.

  • Drive with the windows down for a bit to let the hold air out before turning on the AC.
  • Park in the shade when you can.
  • When you turn on the car, do not immediately turn on the AC system until the car is actually moving. The AC does not need to idle, the AC cools faster while driving.
  • Read the owner’s manual of your car.
  • Set the AC to a comfortable temperature.
  • Do not use the AC more than needed.
  • Using cruise control on the highway saves gas.

saving energy on your family vacationDrive with the windows down, when you can. This saves gas, and when you’re driving through the open countryside, then enjoy the fresh air.

Aggressive driving (driving and accelerating at high speeds, rough braking) is not energy efficient. Driving the speed limit saves gas and money. Using these tips can help you become a more energy efficient driver on your next family vacation.

10 Ways to do your part for Earth Day 2015

Don’t forget about Earth Day 2015 ! April 22nd is the 45th annual Earth Day celebration, and it’s an excellent day to look at your daily habits and find ways to conserve more energy, water, and the environment. You don’t necessarily have to do anything major like remodel your entire home with solar power, but just some small things here and there can really add up.

10 Ways to do your part for Earth Day 2015

1. Reduce Driving — Carpooling, biking, or walking twice per week instead of taking your own car can reduce carbon emissions by 1600 pounds per year.

2. Public Transportation — Especially for those living in the city, public transportation is a great way to cut back on carbon emissions. Some bus fleets use biodiesel or solar assisted power, and every passenger on the bus is one less car on the road

3. Refueling — Refuel your car during the early morning or at night when it’s cooler outside. On a hot day, fuel dripping from the pump evaporates quickly, putting the harmful chemical compounds into the atmosphere. Don’t top off your tank, either, as that frequently leads to extra fuel drips

4. Energy Star — If you’re looking to replace your appliances, look for ones with the Energy Star label. These products are rated to be 20-30% more efficient than their uncertified counterparts. In the long run, they will save energy and money in your home

5. E-Cycling — Electronic components should be recycled. Nearly all of the components in electronics, like wires, transistors, chips, and disc drives can be reused for new computers and other electronics. Many big box stores like Best Buy have e-cycling programs

6. Water Use — Cutting back on the time you shower, shutting faucets off when not in use, and not pre-washing your dishes can cut way back on your water consumption and energy use

7. Repurpose Common Items — Glass jars and plastic takeout containers are great for food storage after they have served their original purpose. Even egg cartons can be repurposed as drawer organizers, holding spools of thread, beads, coins, rubber bands, and paper clips. If you ship a lot of packages, they also make great packing material

8. Shopping Bags — Some grocery stores offer reusable shopping bags, made from durable fiber rather than thin plastic. Some of these stores charge per plastic bag used, so bringing a reusable one will save you some money as well. If you prefer something your own style, you can find many suitable totes online and in stores to serve as your shopping bags.

9. Chemicals and Dyes — Be sure to read the labels of food, clothing, and other products for indications of harmful chemicals or dyes. Yellow clothing and products contain PCB-11, a derivative of the Polychlorinated Biphenyl chemical that was banned by the EPA 35 years ago. Foods that contain the preservative BHT should be avoided as well. BHT is believed to be a carcinogen to humans.

10. Clean Up Duty — Be sure to pick up waste from your dog when walking in parks or other public areas. We wouldn’t want this waste to flow into storm drains and pollute any water supplies.

Which kind of plan are you

Ever since the deregulation of the energy market, consumers have been given choices for their electricity needs. Not only can they choose their own energy provider, but they can also choose an energy plan that best suits them. Those plans include prepaid plans, variable rate plans, and fixed rate plans.

Which kind of plan are you

Prepaid Plan:

Prepaid plans are just what they sound like. You pay for your electricity up front, and have a certain amount to use for the upcoming month. Once you reach the limit, your electrical service will get shut off, unless you add more money to your prepaid account. These plans are good for strict budgeting, to keep you from going over your allotted electricity expenditures. These plans unfortunately tend to have higher rates than fixed plans.

Variable Rate Plan:

Variable rate plans offer no contract, so you can switch providers at any time. These month-to-month plans vary in cost each month as they are affected by the market price of electricity. If a natural disaster or production and supply issue occurs, your following month’s bill could be considerably more costly. Conversely, if supply is high and demand is low, you could see your cost plummet, while fixed rate plan users are still paying a higher rate. Since Dallas electricity providers know that you could switch at any time, they try to keep rates for these plans as low as possible.

Fixed Rate Plan:

Fixed plans have a contract that lasts anywhere from three months to three years, sometimes longer. When you sign up for a fixed rate plan, your initial rate is based on the market rate at that time. When you sign the contract, your rate is locked in for the duration of your contract term length. If some disaster befalls energy production, the market rate will go up, but your rate will remain unchanged. Other parts of your rate, like transmission and distribution charges could change, but this is not very common.

Green Plan:

Some retail electricity providers (REPs) offer residential and business electricity plans powered by renewable sources. The electricity facts label (EFL) for green plans will tell you what percentage of the electricity used comes from renewable sources. Many green plans use 100% green electricity, but not all of them do.

Take Control of your Electricity Costs

If you ever find yourself dreading to open your electric bill; stress no more. You probably know that the state of Texas has electricity choice, and that you the customer have the power to choose the electric company you want. But have you really ever switched electricity providers?

Take Control of your Electricity Costs

Most people have been with the same electricity company for years and years; and find themselves overpaying for electricity and they do not even know it! They think that the rate they are paying monthly is what is considered “average”, another common misconception is that that they will get disconnected when they switch providers.


The electricity that is powering your home or business is the same! The only difference is in the savings on your monthly electric bill!


You will still get the same electricity as you would with your old provider if you switched, the only difference is you will be paying much less per month on your bill. Imagine what you could do with all that extra money in your pocket!


Since it is January, now the electricity rates are a little lower than they would be in the summer months. Here are a few tips to a lower electricity bill:


  • Figure out what your electricity needs are! Are you renting and want a contract free month to month plan until your lease is up? Or are you a home owner looking to lock in that low rate for one to two years?
  • Remember with ‘fixed rate plans’, the electric rate per month does not change. Refer to your Electricity Facts Label document when you sign up to see what the rate is at 500 kwh, 1000 kwh, and 2000 kwh.
  • Large homes use about 1000-2000 or more per month, while small apartments use about 500 kwh or less per month. You may also refer to your old electric bill to see what your average usage is.
  • A month to month plan (or variable rate) is a contract free plan. However, the electricity rate per month will not stay the same. For example: in March your rate can be 8.5 cents while in June you rate can be 10.1 cents. For those customers who want that extra security and peace of mind; they will usually go for the fixed rate plans.
  • Are you currently in a contract that comes for renewal in summer? If you contract expires in August, if you want to renew with the same company the rates will probably still be high from summer. An alternative option is to go in a month to month plan instead of renewing, that way you can sign up for a fixed rate in winter when the rates go lower.
  • If you do not renew with your current electricity provider, you will automatically be put on a month to month plan. Research what the current rates are on our website, and determine if the is a good time to switch, especially if it is not summer.


Visit our website http://www.shopdallaselectricity.com/ to compare and shop electricity plans all in one place. Your electricity bill should not be stressful, once you have a plan to switch.

Electricity relates to development

In the modern era, electricity is vital. We cannot imagine a life without electricity. This power is very addictive and is used throughout the world. All of this is due to the development of science and technology. It is because of this development, this energy source has come into being and we all use this feature extensively. Shop Dallas electricity understands this, provides cheap and best electricity for residential as well as business use. We at SDE know the problems that the customers face when it comes to electricity bills and usage. To improvise on this our providers give cheap electricity with different rates and plan to the customers.
There are varieties of plans available with us to choose from. There are many providers listed with us from which the customer can make a choice. We allow the customers to compare and choose the electricity provider. All this service is for free, nothing will be charged to the customer for selecting provider. The plans are of different kinds and can be customized as well. So what are you waiting for? Visit Shop Dallas Electricity and get the best plans and rates possible and decide which one you want to select from the lot.

Settling or that is available. Various options to choose from and getting low electricity bill every month is an advantage and a boon to the customers. Get the best power source when in Dallas and enjoy the luxury at a nominal rate.

As said earlier, there are different rates and plans. One can choose from fixed, variable or even contractual plan. It is extremely easy to move over to another provider, if not satisfied with the current one. Our representatives are here to help the customers with all queries and questions.

Shop Dallas Electricity is the place to be for all your electricity needs.

Simple ways to heat your home for fall

Heating is your highest energy expense. Heating costs about 40 percent of your energy bill while cooling costs about 12 to 15 percent of your utility bill. Here are some tips to save on your heating and also cooling your home until the weather is colder:


  1. Check the reliability of your thermostat. In order to do so you should place a thermometer next to the thermostat, if they are both coming up to the same temperature then its fine otherwise it might be the time to switch your thermostat. Programmable thermostats are the best way to go these days as they help you set the temperature according to the settings you program on it and they are more energy efficient as you can also get their energy star version.
  2. Don’t mess with your thermostat. Set your thermostat at 68° F or lower for heating and 78° F or higher for cooling. At bedtime set the thermostat at 55° F. Make sure your home is not being heated and cooled when no one is at home.
  3. Do not start using your heater unless you really need it. First warm yourself up with sweaters and blankets and turn on the heater only when it gets too cold. Try wearing socks and keeping your fingers and toes covered as this will keep you warmer.
  4. Make sure your home is well insulated. Wall, ceiling, floor and attic insulation will keep warmth in during the winter and heat out during the summer. Check the insulation of your home and check if all the vents and ducts are working properly. You may have repair or replace the ducts or they might be consuming extra energy while providing insufficient heating and cooling.
  5. Never turn your thermostat way up or way down to speed up the heating or cooling process. This will force your unit to work harder, stay on longer and use more energy.
  6. Seal unused rooms and close all the vents of unused rooms so excess heating or cooling is not required to keep that room at a comfortable temperature.
  7. Use your air conditioning more effectively. Do not use heat consuming appliances in the middle of the day and during the evenings when the temperature is already very high. Laundry, ironing, cooking and other high energy consuming activities are best done early morning and late evening to better save the home from overheating.
  8. You can also cover your windows with plastic wrap so that cool air does not enter your home and heat stays inside during the winter months.

Wind Energy Benefits and Disadvantages

Cheap-ElectricityOne of the fastest growing sectors of renewable energy is wind power. Wind energy has been harnessed for many centuries. It has been used to mash grain to make flour, pump water, and more recently, generate electricity. When wind spins the blades of a wind turbine, a large magnet inside the top part of the tower spins inside of a cylinder of copper coils. The magnet passing by these coils generates an electric charge which is transmitted over power lines to the local energy grid. The primary benefit of wind energy is low cost renewable energy, but there is a little more to it than just that.

Wind energy is a true green energy source. Wind is powered by the sun, and generating electricity from wind emits no harmful pollutants into the environment. There is no consumable fuel source like coal or gas to use up, making wind power a renewable source of energy. Renewable energy means that the electricity generation can be sustained for very long period of time. While current estimates say that our oil and gas reserves will last about a hundred years or so, wind energy will be around long after that. Generating electricity from wind is really quite cheap, about four to six cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). They are primarily built in remote areas where winds tend to me the most consistent. You can see wind farms lining ridgelines, dotting the landscapes of plains or farms, or in some other countries, offshore.

That said, planning where to place wind turbines can be a challenge sometimes. Since most wind farm sites are in remote areas, extra infrastructure needs to be added to get the generated electricity to the grid that needs it. This means running long power transmission lines. Sites also need to be fairly consistent with the available wind. An area that gets very little wind will not be cost effective. Similarly, if winds are often too strong, the site will not be viable due to the risk of damaging the machinery. If a potential site for wind turbines has potential for other uses, the landowners will be taking other bids into consideration, thus determining what actual gets implemented.

While wind electricity generation emits no pollutants, it can still have an effect on the environment. There have been reports of increased bird deaths in locations where wind farms exist. However, the number of bird deaths per year is almost inconsequential compared to the number killed from catastrophic pollution disasters, such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. Noise pollution could be considered a problem for wind sites close to residential areas. The rotation of the rotor blades causes a constant whoosh-whoosh-whoosh sound that some residents may find bothersome. Others may not care for the sight of wind farms, claiming it taints their view.

All in all, wind energy has major benefits when it comes to generating cheap electricity, bolstering the economy, and cleaning up the environment. The challenges facing developers are reduced as technology improves. Newer turbines are quieter, for example. The Department of Energy wants to have 20% of the country’s energy produced by wind by the year 2030. This will expand manufacturing jobs, generate local revenue, conserve water, and even lower natural gas prices. If you want to be part of the wind movement, contact Shop Dallas Electricity today and find a Dallas energy provider that offers renewable energy you have the power to choose your own provider and energy plan, so you can seek out the cheapest electricity rates with the best benefits.

Energy Efficiency on a Bike

New York City has taken energy efficiency to the streets to encourage more people to leave their car at home for the day. Cities in general have high pollution levels due to their high traffic content and tall buildings consuming vast amounts of energy. To help curb the traffic related pollution, Citi Bike was created to allow people to bike to work, the gym, the park, or dinner while eliminating a vehicle from the road. With all the traffic in New York City, carbon emissions pour into the atmosphere at staggering rates, especially when much of that traffic gets stuck in long lines at lights downtown. Citi Bike recently celebrated its first anniversary and hosts over 100,000 members.

The first bike share program, called Bycyklen, started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1995. The bike share program worked similar to some grocery store carriage returns. You place a coin into the lock, use your bike until you are finished with it, and when you return the bike and lock it, you get your coin back. The bikes were uncomfortable to ride and primarily became a tourist attraction. Bike share programs have been picking up around the United States recently, however. Seattle, WA is the most recent US city to announce a bike share program, and it will begin in September of 2014. The program will begin with 50 bike docks and 500 bikes.

More than 30 US cities have a bike share program, and Portland, OR, Tampa, FL, and a San Diego, CA will be adding to that list in the coming years. Despite the initial stigma surrounding the first bike share program in Denmark, the current generation programs are really picking up all over the world. Perhaps it’s because more people are concerned with the state of the environment and don’t see these bikes as gimmicks anymore. Regardless of the reason for their increasing popularity, they will provide benefits such as reducing the amount of vehicles on the roads and improving public health.

When it comes to tackling the office buildings in these big cities, one of the best ways to reduce to pollution caused by their constant use of electricity is to enroll in renewable energy plans. Many Dallas electricity companies offer cheap electricity for businesses that feature green plans. If you are a business owner in Dallas, you have the power to choose what kind of electricity you want for your business, and Shop Dallas Electricity can help you find the energy provider that will work best for you.