10 Ways to do your part for Earth Day 2015

Don’t forget about Earth Day 2015 ! April 22nd is the 45th annual Earth Day celebration, and it’s an excellent day to look at your daily habits and find ways to conserve more energy, water, and the environment. You don’t necessarily have to do anything major like remodel your entire home with solar power, but just some small things here and there can really add up.

10 Ways to do your part for Earth Day 2015

1. Reduce Driving — Carpooling, biking, or walking twice per week instead of taking your own car can reduce carbon emissions by 1600 pounds per year.

2. Public Transportation — Especially for those living in the city, public transportation is a great way to cut back on carbon emissions. Some bus fleets use biodiesel or solar assisted power, and every passenger on the bus is one less car on the road

3. Refueling — Refuel your car during the early morning or at night when it’s cooler outside. On a hot day, fuel dripping from the pump evaporates quickly, putting the harmful chemical compounds into the atmosphere. Don’t top off your tank, either, as that frequently leads to extra fuel drips

4. Energy Star — If you’re looking to replace your appliances, look for ones with the Energy Star label. These products are rated to be 20-30% more efficient than their uncertified counterparts. In the long run, they will save energy and money in your home

5. E-Cycling — Electronic components should be recycled. Nearly all of the components in electronics, like wires, transistors, chips, and disc drives can be reused for new computers and other electronics. Many big box stores like Best Buy have e-cycling programs

6. Water Use — Cutting back on the time you shower, shutting faucets off when not in use, and not pre-washing your dishes can cut way back on your water consumption and energy use

7. Repurpose Common Items — Glass jars and plastic takeout containers are great for food storage after they have served their original purpose. Even egg cartons can be repurposed as drawer organizers, holding spools of thread, beads, coins, rubber bands, and paper clips. If you ship a lot of packages, they also make great packing material

8. Shopping Bags — Some grocery stores offer reusable shopping bags, made from durable fiber rather than thin plastic. Some of these stores charge per plastic bag used, so bringing a reusable one will save you some money as well. If you prefer something your own style, you can find many suitable totes online and in stores to serve as your shopping bags.

9. Chemicals and Dyes — Be sure to read the labels of food, clothing, and other products for indications of harmful chemicals or dyes. Yellow clothing and products contain PCB-11, a derivative of the Polychlorinated Biphenyl chemical that was banned by the EPA 35 years ago. Foods that contain the preservative BHT should be avoided as well. BHT is believed to be a carcinogen to humans.

10. Clean Up Duty — Be sure to pick up waste from your dog when walking in parks or other public areas. We wouldn’t want this waste to flow into storm drains and pollute any water supplies.

How Renewable Energy Helps out the Earth

Have you thought about installing renewable energy systems for your home energy needs? Maybe you felt like it wasn’t worth the cost. Fortunately, thanks to technological advancements, renewable energy systems are becoming cheaper all the time. Far too many naysayers claim it is prohibitively expensive, and looking at a higher price for green energy on your electricity bill may seem like they’re right. However, that is not the case.

How Renewable Energy Helps out  the Earth Solar energy installations have dropped in price by about 50% in 5 years. Solar photovoltaic panels cost have come down by the same amount since 2008. Wind energy has decreased by 43% since 2011. Renewable energy is on the rise in popularity because it reduces the long term costs of generating electricity. These costs frequently aren’t factored in when considering “cheaper” energy like coal and gas. The environmental effects can be quite pricy.

Renewable energy is already a much more cost effective means of producing energy in countries where fossil fuels are uncommon or expensive. As we expand the use of renewable energy around the United States, it will be come more affordable here, powering more of the country without depleting much of its resources. By harnessing power like the sun, wind, or geothermal energy, we can safely and effectively power our world without consuming the limited coal, oil, and natural gas reserves. By eliminating fossil fuels, we also eliminate the production of carbon emissions which goes a long way toward harming our planet.

The fact that renewable energy prices are coming down while more renewable sources are expanding means there is a definite demand for it. That demand will continue to drop prices and take over more of the energy market, providing cheap, clean energy for all.

Take Control of your Electricity Costs

If you ever find yourself dreading to open your electric bill; stress no more. You probably know that the state of Texas has electricity choice, and that you the customer have the power to choose the electric company you want. But have you really ever switched electricity providers?

Take Control of your Electricity Costs

Most people have been with the same electricity company for years and years; and find themselves overpaying for electricity and they do not even know it! They think that the rate they are paying monthly is what is considered “average”, another common misconception is that that they will get disconnected when they switch providers.


The electricity that is powering your home or business is the same! The only difference is in the savings on your monthly electric bill!


You will still get the same electricity as you would with your old provider if you switched, the only difference is you will be paying much less per month on your bill. Imagine what you could do with all that extra money in your pocket!


Since it is January, now the electricity rates are a little lower than they would be in the summer months. Here are a few tips to a lower electricity bill:


  • Figure out what your electricity needs are! Are you renting and want a contract free month to month plan until your lease is up? Or are you a home owner looking to lock in that low rate for one to two years?
  • Remember with ‘fixed rate plans’, the electric rate per month does not change. Refer to your Electricity Facts Label document when you sign up to see what the rate is at 500 kwh, 1000 kwh, and 2000 kwh.
  • Large homes use about 1000-2000 or more per month, while small apartments use about 500 kwh or less per month. You may also refer to your old electric bill to see what your average usage is.
  • A month to month plan (or variable rate) is a contract free plan. However, the electricity rate per month will not stay the same. For example: in March your rate can be 8.5 cents while in June you rate can be 10.1 cents. For those customers who want that extra security and peace of mind; they will usually go for the fixed rate plans.
  • Are you currently in a contract that comes for renewal in summer? If you contract expires in August, if you want to renew with the same company the rates will probably still be high from summer. An alternative option is to go in a month to month plan instead of renewing, that way you can sign up for a fixed rate in winter when the rates go lower.
  • If you do not renew with your current electricity provider, you will automatically be put on a month to month plan. Research what the current rates are on our website, and determine if the is a good time to switch, especially if it is not summer.


Visit our website http://www.shopdallaselectricity.com/ to compare and shop electricity plans all in one place. Your electricity bill should not be stressful, once you have a plan to switch.

Reduce the business electricity bill

Business electricity gets high bills. Every business or organization tries to find out options where they can reduce the electricity bills. There are different ways of doing it. The primary way is to choose or select an electricity provider who will give cheap and reasonable electricity rates. There is also an option to compare and choose. We at Shop Dallas Electricity Business know the importance of reduced bill and give preference to save energy.
There are different businesses; it could vary in size. Each business will require electricity differently. Some might need more and some might need less. Choose/take the electricity plan as required. This ensures reduced bill. Shop Dallas Electricity Business knows this and has plans for the business sector, which can be selected according to the size of their business and the needs of the business.

There are a whole lot of things that one needs to keep in mind to get reduced electricity bills. The first and foremost thing is to select the provider who gives electricity at cheap and best price. The second method is to use electricity saving gadgets, from bulbs to other electronic gadgets which save energy and gets a reduced bill for the company. There should be proper usage of electricity. Switch off electricity when not required. These are basic methods that one can follow to get reduced power bills in the business or organization.

Businesses can be done effectively with proper management. Cheap business electricity is now available and organizations should make use of it. If your business is in Dallas or even near to Dallas one can opt for this facility. All you have to do is just log in to our website, put in your zip code and find out which all providers we have with us. Find the rates and compare. Accordingly you can approach them and fix the right provider for your business needs.

Come to us for cheap business electricity. Now there is no need to fret or feel tensed about high power bills. We at Shop Dallas electricity business ensure that your business or organization does not get high power bills. You will be billed according to the usage; there will not be any extra billing. Enjoy the power to choose and let your business work as usual without any hindrances. Get cheap electricity for your business and earn more profits, make more savings.

Christmas celebrations – evolved over the years

There are millions who wait for Christmas festivities to begin. It is celebrated with so much pomp and joy. There are different things happening like shopping for gifts and presents, decorating the house, cooking delicious food etc. One gets extremely busy with the season of Christmas. In the earlier days there was a particular way to celebrated it. People used to follow the norms and orthodox methods and routine. But, now things have changed and Christmas as a festivity has evolved. In the current generation people know the importance of conserving energy and they do it by opting different methods.

Christmas Celebrations Evolved Over The YearsShop Dallas Electricity also encourages people to opt for a wise method when it comes to decorating the house with lights, using the proper Christmas tree and also there are different ways of conserving energy and reducing electricity bills when it comes to cooking. Now-a-days people use energy efficient lights for decorating the house and also the Christmas tree. There are different styles and kinds of lights available which are energy efficient and save hundreds of dollars. A Christmas tree grown in one’s garden is always good to use, rather than getting a new one every year and then send it for it to be destroyed.

Kitchen is the most used in Christmas. There are different dishes that are prepared. It is obvious that lot of electricity and gas is used. One should be wise and economical in using electricity when it comes to cooking. Proper planning and action will ensure that you do not waste any electricity or gas while cooking different dishes for the festival.

Christmas is an occasion to celebrate. Do it wisely, which will help you save hundreds of dollars and at the same time let you enjoy this festival with more zest. It will end up being a tension free Christmas when it comes to paying of huge electricity bills, by following simple methods and routines to save and conserve energy.

Save on energy

It is our responsibility to save energy whenever and however possible.  Global warming has affected the world and electricity also forms a part of it.  This is the reason why we should be careful in using this power and also see to it that electricity is generated using those sources which will not result in global warming like wind, solar and geothermal does not contribute to climate change or local air pollution since no fuels are combusted in this process.  If we ensure that the electricity that we use is from such sources then yes, we can have a better and healthy living and also save energy at the same time.


Save On Energy

Another way of saving the energy is by opting for a better plan when it comes to purchasing electricity.  One should research and look out for best electricity rates available in the market.  A good research will help you get the correct provider and we at Shop Dallas Electricity ensure that you are able to see the list of providers and also compare the plans and rates so that you can choose the best provider for your residential electricity.  This way you can save on energy and electricity bills at the same time.


There is option to use Green Energy plans.  This is nothing but using renewable source to produce electricity. Some of the best energy rates come from green energy.  The plans come in different variety and you can save good percentage of money.  This electricity is formed by use of wind, water, solar, sustainable biogeneration and organic waste.  If these options are available then one must opt for them as they are good for the environment apart from being easy on our pockets and fitting in our budget.  So go green and be eco-friendly when it comes to electricity usage.


The other effective way is to compare the rates of various electricity providers, look into what all things that they are offering with regard to rates and plans.  Looking into each in detail one should decide on which provider to choose.  Shop Dallas Electricity is here to help you with all your electricity needs.  We will ensure that you do not spend any extra penny while paying your electricity bill and also save energy when and wherever possible.  This forms an easy, affordable and convenient lifestyle for the customer’s that we cater to and build a long lasting business unit.

The Most Energy Efficient States

Energy efficiency has become a major point in economics and environmental protection. As such, many countries around the world have begun taking measures to improve the efficiency of their energy consumption. The United States is part of this, and some states within the Union are really taking the reins on these projects. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has put together a list every year for the past seven years of the most energy efficient states in the US. Below is the 2014 list of these states.

The Most Energy Efficient States

  1. Illinois - Of the past seven years, 2014 is the first that saw Illinois make the list. The state jumped four positions from last year thanks to its improved, energy efficient building codes and utility and public benefit programs.
  2. Maryland – Maryland has made the ACEEE’s list for the past three years, attributing their success to transportation, utilities, and public benefits programs. The EmPOWER Maryland program especially set the bar for energy efficiency by making efficiency improvements more cost effective.
  3. Washington – Part of the list for all seven years, Washington implements and strongly enforces strict energy efficient building codes. Many other states have these energy efficiency building codes, but a good number don’t enforce them as much as this state does.
  4. Vermont – Vermont improved the efficiency of the utilities in the state through a non-profit organization that provided various financial benefits for implementing energy efficiency programs. This organization, Efficiency Vermont, has made Vermont a shining example of how a third party administration can drastically improve the energy efficiency of a state.
  5. Rhode Island – The tiniest state has some of the best scores when it comes to energy efficiency. Along with using high efficiency building codes and an energy efficient utility sector, the Ocean State also funds the Energy Efficient Resource Standard (EERS) which sets long term goals for energy efficiency.
  6. Connecticut - Connecticut has a lot of incentives for energy efficiency. These incentives are spread across multiple sectors in the state. Some of them include grants to improve the heating systems in schools, loans for projects to improve energy efficiency in homes or businesses, and free energy efficiency evaluations for homeowners.
  7. Oregon – Another state with strict energy building codes, Oregon has standards even above the highest international standards. They also implemented numerous government initiatives and emission reduction plans for the large metropolitan areas’ transportation.
  8. New York – New York has vowed to reduce emissions by lowering the vehicle miles travelled (VMT) score by 10% over 10 years. Five years into that promise, they are well on their way to making good on it. They also have several transportation based policies to improve public transportation emissions. A portion of the fees collected from license and registration renewals goes to the public transportation sector, lowering the cost of using public transportation.
  9. California – Always in one of the top two spots for the past seven years, California takes energy efficiency very seriously. The state heavily promotes renewable energy standards and reduction of vehicle emissions. The state plans to reduce vehicle emissions by up to 8% and reduce the overall emission levels from 1990 by 25% by the year 2020.
  10. Massachusetts – Taking the number 1 spot this year is Massachusetts, which has held this spot for four years now. One of the major points driving their top marks is the policy that all energy providers MUST purchase and install all energy improvements that “cost less than it does to generate power.” This policy has helped jump start an energy efficiency initiative that has bolstered the whole state, including the utility sector and public benefit programs.

Wind Energy Benefits and Disadvantages

Cheap-ElectricityOne of the fastest growing sectors of renewable energy is wind power. Wind energy has been harnessed for many centuries. It has been used to mash grain to make flour, pump water, and more recently, generate electricity. When wind spins the blades of a wind turbine, a large magnet inside the top part of the tower spins inside of a cylinder of copper coils. The magnet passing by these coils generates an electric charge which is transmitted over power lines to the local energy grid. The primary benefit of wind energy is low cost renewable energy, but there is a little more to it than just that.

Wind energy is a true green energy source. Wind is powered by the sun, and generating electricity from wind emits no harmful pollutants into the environment. There is no consumable fuel source like coal or gas to use up, making wind power a renewable source of energy. Renewable energy means that the electricity generation can be sustained for very long period of time. While current estimates say that our oil and gas reserves will last about a hundred years or so, wind energy will be around long after that. Generating electricity from wind is really quite cheap, about four to six cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). They are primarily built in remote areas where winds tend to me the most consistent. You can see wind farms lining ridgelines, dotting the landscapes of plains or farms, or in some other countries, offshore.

That said, planning where to place wind turbines can be a challenge sometimes. Since most wind farm sites are in remote areas, extra infrastructure needs to be added to get the generated electricity to the grid that needs it. This means running long power transmission lines. Sites also need to be fairly consistent with the available wind. An area that gets very little wind will not be cost effective. Similarly, if winds are often too strong, the site will not be viable due to the risk of damaging the machinery. If a potential site for wind turbines has potential for other uses, the landowners will be taking other bids into consideration, thus determining what actual gets implemented.

While wind electricity generation emits no pollutants, it can still have an effect on the environment. There have been reports of increased bird deaths in locations where wind farms exist. However, the number of bird deaths per year is almost inconsequential compared to the number killed from catastrophic pollution disasters, such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. Noise pollution could be considered a problem for wind sites close to residential areas. The rotation of the rotor blades causes a constant whoosh-whoosh-whoosh sound that some residents may find bothersome. Others may not care for the sight of wind farms, claiming it taints their view.

All in all, wind energy has major benefits when it comes to generating cheap electricity, bolstering the economy, and cleaning up the environment. The challenges facing developers are reduced as technology improves. Newer turbines are quieter, for example. The Department of Energy wants to have 20% of the country’s energy produced by wind by the year 2030. This will expand manufacturing jobs, generate local revenue, conserve water, and even lower natural gas prices. If you want to be part of the wind movement, contact Shop Dallas Electricity today and find a Dallas energy provider that offers renewable energy you have the power to choose your own provider and energy plan, so you can seek out the cheapest electricity rates with the best benefits.

Energy Efficiency on a Bike

New York City has taken energy efficiency to the streets to encourage more people to leave their car at home for the day. Cities in general have high pollution levels due to their high traffic content and tall buildings consuming vast amounts of energy. To help curb the traffic related pollution, Citi Bike was created to allow people to bike to work, the gym, the park, or dinner while eliminating a vehicle from the road. With all the traffic in New York City, carbon emissions pour into the atmosphere at staggering rates, especially when much of that traffic gets stuck in long lines at lights downtown. Citi Bike recently celebrated its first anniversary and hosts over 100,000 members.

The first bike share program, called Bycyklen, started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1995. The bike share program worked similar to some grocery store carriage returns. You place a coin into the lock, use your bike until you are finished with it, and when you return the bike and lock it, you get your coin back. The bikes were uncomfortable to ride and primarily became a tourist attraction. Bike share programs have been picking up around the United States recently, however. Seattle, WA is the most recent US city to announce a bike share program, and it will begin in September of 2014. The program will begin with 50 bike docks and 500 bikes.

More than 30 US cities have a bike share program, and Portland, OR, Tampa, FL, and a San Diego, CA will be adding to that list in the coming years. Despite the initial stigma surrounding the first bike share program in Denmark, the current generation programs are really picking up all over the world. Perhaps it’s because more people are concerned with the state of the environment and don’t see these bikes as gimmicks anymore. Regardless of the reason for their increasing popularity, they will provide benefits such as reducing the amount of vehicles on the roads and improving public health.

When it comes to tackling the office buildings in these big cities, one of the best ways to reduce to pollution caused by their constant use of electricity is to enroll in renewable energy plans. Many Dallas electricity companies offer cheap electricity for businesses that feature green plans. If you are a business owner in Dallas, you have the power to choose what kind of electricity you want for your business, and Shop Dallas Electricity can help you find the energy provider that will work best for you.

Advantages of Texas Electric Deregulation

The energy market was deregulated in Texas as of 2002. This means that Dallas now has the power to choose your own energy provider. By choosing your own provider, you can be certain to get cheap electricity, since the utility company is no longer able to set the price to whatever they want. The market is open for competitors to vie for your customer ship. Having a deregulated energy market also benefits you in a few other ways.


Switching to a new Retail Energy Provider (REP) can get you in on some extra benefits or advantages. The biggest advantage is getting cheap electricity. When REPs compete for your business, the average rates for electricity drop. Some REPs may also offer introductory offers that will get you an even lower rate to start out. All REPs offer different plans with varying contract lengths, rates, and options. Renewable energy is one of these possible options, and you can look for plans that feature partial or full renewable energy to power your home. You may also find a REP that offers loyalty programs. These programs offer extra incentives to you depending on how long you are a customer. You may receive gift cards to local restaurants, discounts on your energy bill, or even chances to get a dream vacation. In an unregulated market, there is no reason for a provider to offer these kinds of deals because you would have nowhere else to go.


Even if a sole provider did offer a rewards program, if their customer service was nothing remarkable, you may not even care what the rewards are. In this deregulated market, if you don’t like your energy provider, you can switch to a new one. This is another point where the power to choose your provider really stands out. Sometimes, an extraordinary customer service will outweigh a slightly higher rate for electricity, but you could still conceivably find low Dallas electricity rates and great service. The key to it all is shopping around.


Shop Dallas Electricity helps you through the selection process by narrowing down your choices based on your search criteria. Whether you’re looking for a low rate, renewable energy, or a fixed or variable rate plan, we can help you get the best plan for you. When you choose a new provider or plan, you don’t have to worry about losing service while the transition is made. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) ensures that once you select a switch date, your service will continue uninterrupted as you switch from one provider to another.