Customers Now Have Options

As you may have already known, the energy industry has deregulated certain states giving them the power to choice another energy provider other than the local utility company. This is very beneficial to customers because it gives them the freedom of choice, or as it is known Texas; power to choose.

Customers have choices:

It does not matter if you are a residential or commercial customer; you can take advantage of electricity deregulation with a different Dallas retail electric provider other than the local utility.  Retail electricity providers (REPs) offer customized electric plans to accommodate the customer.

Types of Plans:

  • Fixed plans will not change during the term of your contract and customers usually favor this plan because they can lock in their electricity rate for the length of their plan.
  • Month to month (variable) plans are contract free plans that can fluctuate up or down depending on the market.
  • Renewable plans come from 100% renewable wind or solar sources that benefit the environment because they come from eco-friendly sources.

Compare and shop electricity plans amongst several different retail electric providers to find that plan that best suits your home or businesses energy needs.

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