Energy Efficiency for your Apartment

You can read a lot about home energy audits or how to make your home more energy efficient, but what if you don’t own a home and are living on rental, then how can you save energy? So here are some tips on how to be energy efficient while living in an apartment or a rental property. With rental property you usually can’t make any drastic changes and you have very little liberty on where you can save.

Energy Efficiency for your Apartment

Check the backend cost: When you are looking for an apartment of a rental property, check what your utility bill might look like. If you are planning to move to an old quaint house or apartment, beware it might not be as energy efficient as the new ones. From cracks to ruin your insulation to old non-energy star appliances check what your monthly cost will be other than your rest.

Energy Efficient Light: Switch your incandescent bulbs with Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) as they consume 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Also be sure to turn off the lights when they are not in use and don’t forget to clean the fixtures to get more illumination.

Thermostat: Check if you have a programmable thermostat for it will help you in adjusting the temperature easily. If you don’t, just keep the heating at 68 degrees and cooling at 78 degrees. Simple and easy, this will help you on your next electricity bill.

Reduce hot water usage: Reduce your hot water consumption by taking shorter showers and washing your clothes with cold water. Heating water consumes a lot of power and this will help you save. Also keep a check that there are no leaks in your apartment.

Use Natural Light: Leave the blinds open and the curtains drawn to avail the sunlight during the day and to help you keep the house warm. This is especially effective if you have south facing windows.

Energy Leakage: Weather-stripping and caulking is very important to seal your doors and windows from air leaks. If you have cold or hot air gushing in your home, your home isn’t very energy efficient. You might need your landlord’s permission to do so but you can also check your local hardware store to see if there are some temporary solutions which will help you save and not affect the walls or windows which might bother your landlord.

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