Go the Extra Mile and Lower Energy Costs

So if you have an electricity rate that meets your homes need, but still want to lower your bill even more, then listen up! Go to the extra mile with some simple steps to lower your electric bill and save energy at the same time.

Go the Extra Mile and Lower Energy Costs1. Switch your light bulbs in your home/office:

What to look for:

LED Bulbs
CFL Bulbs


2.Check your thermostat:

What to look for:

    • Set your thermostat as comfortable possible to about 73-75 degrees.
    • If you have an auto setting, or eco-mode on your thermostat, then make use of it, if you are not already.

3. Check windows/bottom of doors for air leaks:

What to look for:

    • Check corners of windows for air leaks.
    • Check bottom of doors for air leaks.
    • Go to the hardware store and purchase weather stripping caulking glue.

4. Unplug gadgets if you are not using:

What to look for:

    • Lamps, Toasters, Miscellaneous items that are not in use
    • Use a power strip to manage all cords in one place, and power it off when you leave the room.

5. Clean out filters:

What to look for:

  • Replace/Clean Air Filters in AC units
  • Replace/Clean Air Filters in Dryers

By using these Energy Efficient tips you can save a couple of extra bucks in your monthly energy costs.

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