Renters can also save on electricity costs

If you’re renting an apartment or condo and utilities are not included in your rent, you can cut back on utility costs by following a few simple steps. You don’t need to go crazy spending money to remodel a domicile that you don’t own, but just installing a few small things here and there, being more efficient about water and energy use, and even a little feng shui can help you save money. Even if your utilities are included in rent, consider implementing these tips to be one of those renters that landlords love.

Renters can also save on electricity costs

Water Use:

Installing a low-flow showerhead can save a lot of water from being wasted. Showers use 7-10 gallons of water per minute, and a low flow showerhead can reduce that to as low as 1.5 gallons per minute while maintaining water pressure. When waiting for your shower or sink to warm up, use a container to collect the water used waiting for the right temperature. This collected water can be used for houseplants, manually flushing a toilet, or do some general cleaning. Make use of the water used while washing clothes and dishes by only doing full loads. Though most clothes washers allow you to adjust the amount of water used for smaller loads, dishwashers use the same amount of water and energy for four dishes as they do for 40.


Check if you have a programmable thermostat for it will help you in adjusting the temperature easily. If you don’t, just keep the heating at 68 degrees and cooling at 78 degrees. Simple and easy, this will help you on your next electricity bill.

          Use Natural Light:

Leave the blinds open and the curtains drawn to avail the sunlight during the day and to help you keep the house warm. This is especially effective if you have south facing windows.

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