Energy Deregulation Gives Choices

Energy deregulation has revolutionized the market for electricity providers. Prior to deregulation, consumers could only purchase electricity from a utility company. Due to this, the utility could set the electricity rates to whatever amount they wanted, and consumers had no choice in the matter. After deregulation, consumers were given the power to choose their electricity provider. This drove electricity rates down since the market became more competitive.

Since energy deregulation took effect in Texas in 2002, retail energy providers (REPs) have popped up all over the state. Consumers can choose any one of these REPs to provide electricity services to their home. Every REP offers different plans and rates, including green energy plans. By shopping around, you can find cheap electricity rates in Dallas that suit your personal needs from one of these REPs.

Utilities are still part of the energy market, even after the deregulation. Utilities, now referred to as Transmission and Distribution Utilities or TDUs, manage the power lines that bring your electricity to your home or business. The TDU is responsible for maintaining the poles and wires, replacing them as needed. They are also responsible for restoring power in the event a storm or natural disaster knocks the power out.

If you have questions about electricity shopping in Dallas, fear not. We here at Shop Dallas Electricity are here to get you answers. We’ll help you find a REP that fits your needs and your budget. We shop around to find REPs with similar plans and similar rates, and we give you the power to choose one for yourself. Plans can be monthly, where your rates can change each month, or you can lock in a rate for the length of time determined by a contract. We can also help you sort REPs by those that offer green and renewable energy plans. Deregulation gave consumers choices. And we choose to help you make the right ones.