Lower Energy Costs when the Summer is at its Hottest

Summer is officially here and that means the heat is cranking up. Running your air conditioner all the time can drown you with your electric bill, but not running it at all can drown you with uncomfortable heat and humidity. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make your home more comfortable and still cut back on AC use.

Lower Energy Costs when the Summer is at its Hottest

For starters, if you have a fan, use it. Running a fan in conjunction with the AC may seem counter intuitive (using more energy), but it actually allows you to run the AC less often and lower your thermostat up to 4°F. A blowing fan creates a wind chill when it is blowing on you. In addition, it helps better circulate colder air in a room. However, if there’s no one in the room, the fan is pretty much a waste, so only use on in populated rooms.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you check, clean, and replace filters. Air filters reduce the spread of dust and allergens, but they become clogged with use. When the filter is clogged, it reduces airflow, which makes the AC much less effective. It’s best to check them monthly, but some homes may be able to go up to three months before needing a check up.

Lowering the temperature on your water heater about 20°F won’t make much difference in the temperature of your showers or the capabilities of your washers. That 20° can make a lot of difference in energy use, though. Taking shorter showers and only running full loads in washers will also reduce water waste and by proxy, energy. A lot of energy goes into heating water, so the less we use, the more we save.

Finally, block sunlight from heating up your home during the day by using curtains or blinds. Cook outdoors to keep from adding heat to the interior of your home. Take advantage of solar energy by drying clothes outdoors. There are so many ways to save energy and for the most part, they won’t cost you a thing!

What to know when electricity shopping

There are two points on which every customer should judge an electricity provider: cost and reputation. Before deregulation, there was only one provider for electricity and you paid whatever they wanted you to pay. It didn’t matter how they treated you because there was nowhere else to go. Now, you can actually choose your own electricity provider and subsequently the rate you pay.

What to know when electricity shopping

Some companies out there may offer a great low rate but terrible customer service. Some offer great customer service but high rates. When you find that unicorn company that offers both, you have a winner. It’s best to switch providers just about every year because market conditions constantly fluctuate and what was a good deal last year may not be so good this year. Each year, just before your contract renews, start researching new electricity providers. Look for both low cost plans and customer reviews of the provider. We can help you by comparing several companies at once.


You’ll also definitely want to refer to each promising plan’s EFL because this document will give you all the details about the plan including a pricing breakdown, electricity content, and whether the plan is fixed (locked in rate for a contract length) or variable (rate changes every month based on market conditions, but no contract). Don’t feel like you have to go with a big name company because you heard their actual electrical service is more reliable. Electricity is the same, no matter who is selling it. Your local utility is the one that ensures electric stability, not the provider. So if you find a plan that has a wonderfully low rate and good customer reviews, go for it!

Compare, Shop, Earn Rewards

When moving to a new home you may want to look into getting the best Dallas electricity provider you can. Shopping around for energy providers and comparing their electricity rates will help you find cheap electricity plans that suit your budget and needs. Some providers offer rewards and incentives for choosing plans with them, giving you the power to choose a plan that really benefits you.

In addition to incentives, you will want to look for price protection. When choosing a plan, a fixed rate plan will lock in your retail energy provider’s rate for anywhere between 3 and 36 months, but price protection can keep that locked rate from adjusting for anything except law and regulatory changes. Without the protection, the utility or power generation facility can affect the rate based on their needs. There are also plans that offer cash back rewards. As a loyal customer, you can typically get about 3% cash back on your annual bill.

Be sure to look at the various plans available for the best Dallas electric prices. If you need flexibility, go with a variable rate plans. These plans are month to month, but your rate can go up or down each month. We these plans, there is no cancellation fee, so if you decide to switch providers or your electricity needs are temporary, this plan can be most appealing. There are also green energy plans available. Several Dallas electricity companies offer green plans, and the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) will tell you exactly how much of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources like wind.

Finally, enrolling in paperless or autopay plans can get you a discounted electricity rate. By reducing the paper being sent out for bills and notifications, you are doing the environment a favor, and in return you get cheaper electricity. Shop Dallas can help you choose the retail energy provider that best fits your Texas energy needs.